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Thread: dirt bike mods for a para

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    Thumbs down dirt bike mods for a para

    I was thinking about setting my bike up to ride as a para. I was thinking of getting some scratch together and maybe giving it my best shot sometime in the late summer. If anyone here knows anything about what kind of equipment is needed and maybe a price range on the set-up. I could have people do the instalation for me, but a price range on professional installation would be appreciated to. thanks everyone for al of your support and information.
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    When I first got injured I looked into it. I contacted Brad at because he's the on that set up Ricky James' first bike. He said that it would cost about $1700 for everything I would need like foot plates, seat, and all the bars to protect your legs when you fall. I'm not sure if the price included the auto clutch and the kit to move the rear brakes up tp the handlebars. That price was a little higher because they had not made on for my bike (RM-Z450) yet but if they have already made one for your bike it would be a little less. I know of some other guys that don't use the bars or seat they just added a second master cylinder for the rear brake on the clutch side of the handlebars, so they have 2 levers on that side. They use tie straps to hold their feet to the pegs and some other straps to hold their butts to the seat. They even hooked up electric shifters.
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    Might be better off just riding a ATV. Polaris ATV's work out pretty good, fully automatic, I use to ride one.
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    I agree. I got on a ATV this summer, and it was fun. I think i'd rather ride a ATV than a bike.

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    I got an e-mail from Ocscottie over at about this thread. My name is Ranel Cox, Im a L2 incomplete para, and I ride a KX250F... Im a little different than some of the other riders as I have just enough thigh muscle to keep my legs on the pegs. The left leg not as much so I welded some more metal on to the end of it to keep my foot on. I had some problems with it falling off and running my foot over

    I do use an automatic clutch, a hand brake, and an electric shifter. The auto clutch and hand brake can both be found from Rekluse. The hand brake is a super easy install but the clutch is a little harder. The good part is Rekluse is great about answering phone calls and they will give you any help you may need. Mine was put on by Carlos Serrano here in Tucson, Arizona at Serrano Motorsports.

    I do not use the bars so I cant help much with those... To me they are a little bit of a risk vs. reward type of thing. I personally would be scared to be tied down to a motorcycle while going over the bars so I dont use them... Its motocross, it will happen eventually. Although, I will add I have broken my tib/fib and my femur twice in the last 2 years. Cuz I didnt have the bars? One of them for sure. The others I believe would have been worse tied to the bike, as they were pretty violent crashes. There is probably a happy medium we can find that would keep you semi-tied down while still letting you get away from the bike in a bad crash.

    Anyway, I dont want to scare you or anything. Im sure you already knew motocross is dangerous, and know what you are getting into. Do I think about it before I ride? yes. Is riding worth it to me? YES. Riding again is the best thing I could ask for and without it Im not sure what I would do... If you have any more questions or anything like that feel free to shoot me an e-mail at

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    i will get back on my old whore no matter what. I have to much money and time invested in my baby to just let it rott apart in my garage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimmel21 View Post
    i will get back on my old whore no matter what. I have to much money and time invested in my baby to just let it rott apart in my garage.
    Dude. you need to wash that thing.... try looking on under the disabled motorsports forum, there are a lot of threads about bike and quad set up there. Is the place for the auto clutch and the hand operated rear brake set up, ask for Patrick and a Ranel mentioned Brad at Parapro's is a great fabricator and has done 3 bikes for us and each one gets better, he can handle the Nerf bars, foot plates and seat. is the US distributor for the Kliktronic shifter, ask for Gail.

    you really need a bike with an electric starter, makes the whole deal a lot easier, I know from experience.

    Check out for pictures and video of the bike.

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    My YZ sat in my garage for a few years before I sold it. It sucked dirty bum cheeks letting it go.

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    you guys are killing me . 40 plus expert
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