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Thread: dental insuraance

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    dental insuraance

    anyone have it that is NOT employed?
    How much?
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    i'm self-employed & pay my health coverage on my own.

    dental insurance isn't worth it if you take care of your teeth.

    i don't know the cost figures off-hand, but i do know i can go in for two cleanings per year, paid out-of-pocket, for less than a year's insurance coverage would cost me, excluding copays.

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    even most dental insurance isn't really 'Insurance' but a fixed dental plan.
    (or so it seems)
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    I agree with the others. I've looked at dental insurance any number of times from a very small business value standpoint and it's not worth buying. It doesn't seem to be insurance, but a prepayment plan because there is a maximum annual coverage which is too low to cover much work from any decent dentist around here. It's hard or impossible to get most companies to even pay up to that maximum for the year because they have claims employees to pay and a profit to make from your premium. Just put the same amount of money into better major medical insurance or a savings account to eventually pay for the dental work. Taking care of your teeth and gums does help too over the long term.
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