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Thread: Head Injury and Art

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    Head Injury and Art

    This is an amazing story about a head-injured artist Jon Sarkin and his art.

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    Thank you.

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    saw a show last night about people with super powers and they collected their DNA so in the future we can bio engineer these traits in us. one guy can withstand extreme cold so they tested him in a lab. i was amazed when he ran barefoot in shorts 13 miles in snow at -16 c.

    the the human calculator spit out 83 to the powers 1-10.

    then a man born blind paints landscapes and buildings with depth of field perfect scale. amazing.

    then a woman that can see music and taste sound. cool

    in china a guy created a chimera with 2 species or mice. the difference between those species were further apart then humans and chimps. he took a fertilized egg and injected stem cells from the other species. discovery sci channel
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    seeing music and tasting sound.......
    Ive seen music and tasted colors before while tripping on acid, but them days are way behind me. fun times though
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