Hi ! I am T7-8 complete and i am using external cath (bioderm)with leg bag /bed bag! I let my blader (urogenic) empty itself in the leg/bad bag and i am using intermtent cath 1-2 daily and usualy i am taking out 3-500 cc! My bladder seems to be colonized ,cause my urine is smelly and cloudy but no symptoms like fever or chills or AD. My question is : do you think is alright to let the bladder emty itself without cathing more often? I had half a year i did not cath not once but one day i caught myself with 1800cc in the bladder ! I realized that something is wrong when i got all flushy ,very spastic in abdomen area so i had cath myself and i took out 1800cc then ! I had start doing that(cathing) more regulary like at least once a day since but i would not take out more than 3-500cc sometimes ( but rarely) 700cc. so do you think is healthy not to cath more often and let the bladder emty itself?
one good think was that i have not had an UTI sice then i changed the method from cathing 4-5 times a day and diapers to external catheters regular underwear and leg bag ! with leg bag i i feel better first because nobody notices the leg bag and second it is easy to empty when is full and i do not need to carry any tools with me just go to restroom,no more accidents of wetting and not least ,regular underwear makes me more comfident! Still worried about my health! Urodinamics said @ 500c the bladder will squize and empty! No kiddney reflux though !
Any ideeas will be helpfull !