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Thread: maybe it's the prialt

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    maybe it's the prialt

    well last friday my husband went in for his first injection of prialt. (they are trying it to see if it works before putting a pump in him) he said it didn't do anything for him so he was still miserable all weekend. monday he went back and they upped his dosage ( i have no clue to what - he has a hight tolerance to most drugs anyway, always been like that) and by monday night the fighting had started. he's accused me of cheating on him, called me every name in the book, and said very mean things to me that he knows hurts me. i take it in stride and don't say much back to him because i don't want a fight to start. (he's had mood swings before from meds, but not this bad) well me not saying anything back just makes him louder and meaner. this morning we had "the fight" while i was getting ready for work. i can only take so much. he ended up using a knife and tearing up the back of our couch. he said he was leaving me, but he was going to leave his mark before he left. (his dad was there by the way) next he got my purse and tore that to pieces. he wanted my clothes fromt he closet so he could cut them up. he wanted to slash my tires on my truck next. i had to call the cops on him. of course he wasn't bad while they were there. it started up after they left. he was dead set on tearing up our home that i work two jobs to pay for. it looks like a tornado went through my living room. all my glass decorations are lying on the floor broken. he says he's come back and break all the windows in my house cause he's not done. i did manage to get my house keys away from him and his dad gave me his. he swears it's not the medication making him like this. he hates me and "i'm nothing but a lazy fat ass and i'm ugly and he has no clue why he's still with me".
    needless to say, i'm at work crying. of course i can't take the day off and get myself in order because i'm the only one with an income. he gets ssd and ssi (about $400 all together) but he uses that to pay for the new truck he managed to get and all his cigarettes. my kids were there for the first part of it. i hate them seeing a) him like this and b) us fighting. so he's off to the doctor this morning and to stay with his dad.
    am i a bad person for what happened? i do feel guilty, but i can't live like this anymore. i don't think he appreciates anything that i do. i went and got a second job, but all he says is i'm out cheating on him. i'm sorry to vent like this, but i know you people here might understand better than the few friends i have.
    and the kicker...our anniversary is on the 19th and then there's christmas. happy holidays to me.

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    It's been a year and a half since my accident and my emotional status has changed. Emotionally I am disconnected and in some way I do think it pushed my girlfriend of 4 years away. I didnt like having sex with her unless I was drinking before and that just got worse after. She did end up sleeping with another man and leaving and it wasnt till that point that I realized that I loved her so much. She stuck with me and did things I know you have to pay dearly for to have someone do that for you. I needed a ton of help mentally and I didnt handle it the right way all the time. I was a mental wreck and still have a hard time dealing with my new life. He might need time if this is new to him or if its been years then leave, give him some time to be alone and figure out if ya he loves you or he is just to jealous and insecure with himself to be with you. I hope things work out for you. Relationships are tuff and things are more complicated with his situation. Theres no need for kid gloves, especially if he wants to act like that.
    Sorry kinda went around not making much sense. Just letting it flow out as it came to me.

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    steph, beleive me its not u. ur husband is in alot of pain and feels worthless, sadly enough we tend to lash out at those who help us most. he needs alot of help to deal w/ his depression and feelings of of self and life loathing. the guy is angry and no doubt going insane with pain. u need to be honest with him and urself. encourge ur children to tell dad that they need and love him,he knows all that u do and deep down truly appreciates it. being put out sometimes will bring it home to him. i am living the life of ur husband and i still go through my bad stints of rage and blame. hang in there lady,u r special for putting up with him and u r not alone in ur struggles. i hate the holidays also because i see my wife killing herself working and taking care of everything when i sometimes shut down totally and withdraw. be strong and express everything to him.

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    very well stated soonerborn, anyone in our state well understands our rants and vents.

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    I had a lot of problems taking Prialt, including mood changes, but especially memory which I'm still suffering and I've been off the drug for over a year. Give it a few days and the drug should wear off. Not a lot of people are getting good results with it and it has many harsh side effects if you get them. The pain clinic I visit no longer uses it because of the side effects. Good luck to youand your husband.
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    his doctor said he hasn't seen this much aggression from someone taking this medication. he said it should've more or less worn off by now if it was from prialt. now i wonder if it's just me that he really hates or what. i've read your thread rybread quite a few times trying to soak in all the information. he says his pain hasn't gotten any better. his doc wants him to have a psych evaluation but my husband won't go for it. (the doc called me a few times to discuss this today) i guess the only thing for me to do is just leave him alone and see what happens. i just can't do the emotional roller coaster ride. i'm too tired and worn out for that.

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    There's a big difference between verbal rants and stabbing your belongings with a knife.
    Prialt does have a short "half life" (a decay of about half the initial amount) so your doctor may be correct if only one injection was given on Monday AM.

    Consider a family intervention. Brandishing a knife and slashing your house to shreds is not acceptable for SCI or able bodied spouses.

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    Im glad to hear the DR called today, hope you told him everything. I went to the DR today also. I asked him about giving injection on the PRIALT alone... HE SAID THEY SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN THAT WAY AT ALL!!!! They for Pumps only. That could have been what caused the whole thing he said. Also just for some info on the Drug, sometimes it takes 3 to 5 days to even feel the meds. I know it does on me, anyway.. I am not saying to give up on your hubby, just give him plenty of space. I dont know about you but, I would find another DR maybe.
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    my husband has definately calmed down alot. his mood is different already. he texted me last night and said he was sorry and he loved me. but i want him still to go to md anderson and be admitted for the psych evaluation and everything the doc wants to do. i still feel very comfortable with this doctor. we spoke several times yesterday and he is very concerned about what is going on. he is very knowledgable and explains things thoroughly to me. he actually did his training at TIRR in houston under my husband's sci doc there (not sure what his title is actually). i think things are going to be okay. i do know my husband has been under a lot of stress and is upset about not being able to buy our kids things for christmas. unfortunately when he releases his anger he does it on me (always been like that). i am just taking it day by day and will see what happens. if i talk to him today i will ask him about the pain issue. if the injections even helped any.
    what's wierd is the injections he got the very first time (which were sterioids combined with an analgesic i believe) worked wonders for him. they used that combination because they went into his back and tried to burn the nerves. couldn't get to them because of his hardware being in the way. that's how the hole in the lung happened. so the doctor possibly wants to talk to him about a different route if in a few days the prialt did not work at all.
    i'm sorry i am spilling my guts on here. i am so glad i found this place for research and questions. thank you everyone for the responses. i will let you all know what takes place next.

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    I'm glad to hear things are calming down some, that was some pretty erratic behavior but it very well could be the prialt, give him some time, it sounds like he's already turning around some.
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