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Thread: forearm crutches

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    forearm crutches

    I need to find some heavy-duty forearm crutches for my son.

    He has a pair of Guardian forearm crutches in the tall size (he's 6'3" 250 lbs) and they are supposed to be good to 300 lbs. They are about 2 years old and the rod that goes into the crutch that holds the cuff in place broke.

    He also has a set of Millennial Forearm crutches with the shock absorbers/springs in the base. The hand grips on those broke after less than a year and now I'm having trouble getting the company to properly replace them -- they sent one set of new grips and one didn't fit.

    Any suggestions?
    Preferably something less than the gazillion dollar custom crutches.

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    I used these years ago when I could walk some. Lofstrands have a good reputation. Can't vouch for this company. I just saw them here. Got mine when I was in rehab, so I don't have a first hand source for you. I'm not heavy, though. But I've noticed they seem sturdier than the rental types I've seen people use.
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    They look like they're worth trying. I do think he's hard on crutches because of his size.
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    I use Lofstrand crutches for the past 12 years (the same pair) with no problems. The only part which I have to change from time to time are tips. I have the one which are pre-cut to hight, not telescopic ones.
    Other option are these:

    Look nice, but I am not sure insurance covers such expensive ones. This guy also sells Lofstrands.

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    Hi: I use this brand for my platform crutches and they take a beating. I have been pleases with Walk Easy.

    They also have bariatric styles that are for those who are very tall and or heavy--model 490
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