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Thread: Buying 2 different shoe sizes if U wear one AFO

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    Buying 2 different shoe sizes if U wear one AFO

    For those who wear one AFO. Do you have to buy 2 different shoe sizes to accommodate the AFO? I am cheap and buy it to fit the AFO and deal with the fact that the other running shoe is a bit big.
    I was curious what others do...

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    If the two shoes are at least 1 size different, you might want to purchase your shoes at Nordstrom. They will sell you a pair that has two different sizes. You have to ask about this at the individual store.

    There are also some shoe exchange programs that you can use to trade shoes with others who have the opposite needs:

    This one has been around a long time, but does not have a website. It has a $3 lifetime membership fee:

    The One Shoe Crew
    PO Box 285
    Rio Linda, CA 95673

    Here are some commercial sites that will let you order two different sizes in a pair:


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    thank you!
    I will give it a try. I have jammed my foot in too small shoes and gotten blisters that took forever to heal.
    I wasn't sure what to google to find that.
    Do you know any place that may have bike shoes, road or mtn so I can attach a pedal cleat?

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    Hi Arndog, I just wear shoes that are a half size too big. What's a half size matter when I'm rolling anyway?

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    If you are able to stand and walk for any length of the time, it's worth the hassle and money to have two properly fitting shoes. I went a few years without any problems, but eventually I developed claw toes and plantar fasciitis in my "good" foot. Once those muscles shorten, it is impossible to get them stretched back out. About the best I can do now is keep the deformity flexible. If I would have started out buying separate shoe sizes, I wouldn't have these problems today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skippopotamus View Post
    Hi Arndog, I just wear shoes that are a half size too big. What's a half size matter when I'm rolling anyway?
    it's aliiiiiiiiiiive.
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    I wear one AFO (carbon fibre/kevlar Blue Rocker) but I wear an orthotic (which I had before injury for pronation) and a slightly thicker innersole in my 'good' foot which means I can wear the same size shoes.

    I am also a very active cyclist - had to give up running sports so I took up cycling instead. I had a severe disc herniation which has resulted in 0/5 for everything below the knee and 4/5 for hammy (I think there is also some weakness in my butt, but they didn't test that) but just on one side (and some B & B issues). Anyway I use the Blue Rocker with normal cycling shoes and cleats on the bike and its OK. I started with the "toeoff" version but cracked the strut within a month of cycling. I have just started on the track and find with the big efforts from standing starts that the AFO is just too flexy - my heel drops too much, then my knee locks out (not good for smooth spinning!) - so am trying to find out what would be best. I naturally cycle with a slightly toe down action, so am thinking that a specific custom made rigid AFO in slight plantar flexion might be the best option. Only other problem I have had is with plastic AFO's (like the one in the first post picture) I ended wearing away the skin on the back of my calf from rubbing and I didn't notice until someone pointed out I was actually bleeding, then it took ages to heal. I like the feel of the shell on the front of my leg much more.

    Very interested if anyone else does lots of cycling/racing with this sort of problem and what AFO's they use?

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    live2ride -
    1. Here is what I did - to avoid the knee locking out - have a shorter crank on the AFO side. That way it is tracing smaller circles and won't reach the knee lock out point. I drilled a hole an inch below the normal pedal hole and put threads in it and use it. Sure, there is going to be a bit of compromise with the normal side but this has worked.
    2. Take your afo to your orthotist who can push out the back where your calf rubs , if you have no sensation as well as lack of motor, you don't want to get a blister or skin breakdown.

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    I have had the 2 different shoes size problem. I did buy one good pair of shoes from footlocker and put out the cash for 2 pair so I could have 2 different sizes. But when I needed a second pair for mucking around the yard with the dogs, I am a bit ashamed to admit I went to Walmart and found the mismatched pair that fit and put them in the shoebox and the cashier did not notice. So I left Walmart with a mismatched pair left behind. Luckily with my current braces I can wear the same size on both feet. The problem I am having is finding winter boots I can get on over my AFO/KAFO. I had to buy some that were too big to get them up over the ankle part so I am bit more off balance than usual in the too big boots.

    ps - my new balance shoes I bought from footlocker - I have a brand new pair in the closet left over - left foot size 6/right foot size 7.5 if anyone happens to have the opposite mismatch as me I could send them to you
    C3/4 Brown Sequard

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    Alex -
    This is what I found. They are the mac daddy of winter boots. Can't really wear them inside though.

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