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Thread: Help/Ideas to keep wafer sticking on skin

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    Help/Ideas to keep wafer sticking on skin

    I am having trouble getting my wafer to stick on my skin. I quit using any skin prep etc. b/c hollister said even their skin prep pads can cause the wafer not to stick. But even not using anything almost as soon as i put a new one on it starts peeling at the top-thats fine but after a day or so it gets a gap in it-i have tried hy tape too but that doesnt seem to stick all that well either. i use the new image flextend wafter for the 2 piece system. it usually is just at the top of the wafer so nothing has leaked out so far-thank goodness but i wondered if anyone else has had this problem and if so, how did you resolve it? thanks for any help/ideas.
    oh i havent been using soap etc when changing it-just warm water and a wash cloth. i have even used the hair dryer to make sure it was really dry my skin). sometimes i dont get all the previous adhesive off-would this cause it not to stick?

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    LEts see if others have ideas but it sounds like you are doing everything right.
    My only suggestion is to contact Hollister to let them give you any recommendations they have. They usually have a skin care specialist who can give ideas.


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    thanks. i just called hollister and since it has only happened with the last 2 wafers they are sending me a new box-they said maybe i got a bad batch. hopefully that is all it is but any tips others use would be greatly appreciated. i remember reading someone wrote that her husband uses a hairdryer on his wafer before he puts it on b/c it makes it more sticky but i cant remember who that was. does anyone else do this?

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    Hi! I have been using Hollister ostomy stuff since I had my surgery in January, and this is what my ostomy nurse suggested to me when the wafers won't stick well:

    1. put the unwrapped wafer (not removing any of the tape yet) under your armpit for about 30 seconds to warm up the adhesive on the wafer.
    2. when you put skin-prep on your skin, wave your skin with your hands over the spot to quickly dry the prep stuff. Also, if you use adhesive remover, wipe it off of your skin REALLY WELL! Otherwise, the skin prep won't work and the wafers will not stick well.
    3. DO NOT use baby wipes or any soaps that contain moisturizers, because they leave a film on the skin that makes it hard for the wafer to stick.
    4. Don't go overboard with skin paste
    5. After you put the wafer on your skin, press down on it for at least 30 seconds to completely seal it around.

    Once I did these things, my wafers stuck easily to my skin. Hope this helps!


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    I have had my ostomy for 7 years now. Jessie gave you good advice. I will throw in a few other ideas.
    1. Consider going to UOAA site. They have a discussion forum that is as good as this site. Ask them and read what others do...
    2. You may have to try different brands to find which works best with your skin. Convatec, Coloplast, Cymed, Hollister, all their appliances and their glue formulas are a little different.
    3. make sure your skin is clean and dry.
    4. Use a hair drier (don't burn yourself though) to help apply the wafer.
    5. Reenforce with pink tape around the edges.
    Good luck !

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    Added to everything else you have been told, one thing I find that helps is to change it when I have a block of time I can just lie around for a bit (ie, bedtime). If I move or bend to much right away, I end up with a spot that doesn't adhere well (because it has been wiggled), and will later fail. If I don;t do this at bedtime, I need a minimum of 1/2 hour before I start moving around.
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    thanks everyone. i have quit using any seal, no adhesive remover, no soaps etc. but i will try warming it up some and staying put to let it stick before i start doing anything else. if it then doesnt work i will try other brands-thanks again for the posts-greatly appreciated!

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    SJEAN-btw-i usually try to put mine on sittin up b/c my stomach is flat when i lye down and not so flat when i sit up. but you say you do it lying down and just lay still for about 30 min and when you sit up its ok? if so, that is an idea!

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    What works best for me, is to recline somewhat on my bed, and put it on then. Then lie around for a while. 30 minutes at least, so either have a book, the tv on, or do it at bedtime. I find if I bend to much right away, that flexes the seal, or bends the wafer or something. (If it fails, I can usually see a fold or crease where it happened.)

    I would think you could do the same sitting, just you would have to limit your movement for a while ..... bending, twisting, etc. Just sit still for a bit. I can picture the top loosening if you bent forward a few times shortly after attaching it, that top bit might not seal well.

    I recently sampled some new wafers, that actually suggested limiting activity for a few hours after applying.
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    sjean - that is a good point about not moving and bending for the first half hour. They have research that shows that the bond between the wafer and the skin increases in strength with time and that for the first hour it isn't at its full strength. I remember when I was new at it and I would put a new appliance on and then go work out and sweat right after putting it on my skin. Well, it would fall off. But if I waited for 2 hours when the strength increases it will hold through sweating and moving....

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