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    bowel program

    I've been having trouble getting on a bowel program. As of now I'm only having a BM once a week. I stay constipated until I take laxatives then I have the diarea for a day or two then back to being constipated. I take stool softners twice a day but there not helping. I'm not sure if there not strong enough. I know there are certain products that work better than others. I'm also on a budget and can't afford to buy a bunch of stuff. I just took some time off theropy so I have the time to try and get a program down. I need to know what to buy and how to start it the best way. any help would be great.
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    What a pain in the ass.
    This works for me; everyother day I take 1 Colin clenze from my health food store. I like to drink a beer with it and 3 hours later things are moving.

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    Products you may want to try.

    Magic Bullet suppositories (By far the best)
    (Do not eat, it goes in the other end) Works relative fast and strong, a must have to get things going.

    Warm Prune Juice.
    Take 3 - 4 hours before starting your BP. A very effective simple remedy.
    For me, the Hotter The juice is the more diarrhea like it produces. So I can kinda control the stool consistency based on the juices temperature. Too hot, it becomes diarrhea. Too cold, its Harder.

    Lachilose (A Stool Moister/Softer)
    Requires a Prescription. Good for Constipation. (Take w/ Plenty of water)

    Cenninox(*sp) (An Herbal vitamin?)
    not 100% sure, but I believe it stimulates the Intestines to move contents threw digestive track. (Take w/ plenty of water else can cause severe stomache ache Only use if having problems because you don't want to become reliant on it, yet some might use Routinely.

    Miralax ()

    A Phospho-soda (its like Liquid DrainO)
    Don't Recommend using Phospho-soda routinely, Probly only a Last resort measure. Commonly used for colonoscopy Prep. Tastes Like Carbonated Salty, Salt water. Get yourself a Strong Flavored Chaser, Gag!

    NOTE: If your a Bed Bound BP, Lay on your Left Side. And Stimulate every 15 -20? mins. (it Helps, and Trains)

    Ask your doctor, on these. But the "Magic Bullet" is probably a must.
    Typical BP, is once every 2 days.(depending)
    Start Off small. ex. Try just Magic Bullet. 1st. Then step up to Prune Juice then Magic Bullet.(its trial and error) intill you find what suites you. After All, BP's are a shitty pain in the Ass.
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    Have you ever been on a good bowel program?

    How much fiber do you get in your diet? It should be at least 30 gm. daily. Most people don't eat close to that.

    How much water do you drink daily? It should be at least 3 liters daily unless you have to restrict it for another reason.

    What stool softener are you taking and in what amount (dose)? Is your stool hard? Are you taking the softener routinely or only when you have hard stools?

    What other medications are you taking?

    What is your current bowel regimen? This includes all of the following:

    1. Diet and fluids
    2. Medications
    3. Timing and frequency
    4. Equipment
    5. Techniques

    Do you do bowel care up on a toilet or commode or in bed?

    Do you do bowel care within 30 minutes after a meal?

    Are you using a suppository and/or digital stim?

    Do you have a LMN or UMN bowel?

    Have you downloaded and read this booklet cover to cover?:


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