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Thread: Seymour still trying to live by Reeve's example

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    Seymour still trying to live by Reeve's example

    That is nice of you Seymour, thank you.

    Seymour still trying to live by Reeve's example Posted 2d 3h ago | Comment | Recommend

    By Kelley L. Carter, USA TODAY

    LOS ANGELES — Before her good friend and co-star Christopher Reeve died in 2004, Jane Seymour promised to uphold his never-give-up spirit.
    The recent Dancing With the Stars contestant made good on that and was honored for her efforts Tuesday night at the Beverly Hilton with the 2008 philanthropy award at the 4th Annual Los Angeles Gala for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

    "He's really my inspiration," said Seymour, in a sparkly Pamella Roland suit. "What Chris showed people was that it wasn't a question what he couldn't do, it was about what he could do. He was able to move mountains. Whenever I get frustrated, I stop for a second, and I go, 'OK, Chris and millions like him — it's much harder for them than anything I could think of being hard for me.' "


    Every little amount helps good news.

    Busta benefit banks $28,500 for stem cell research

    By: Rachel Westberg December 03, 2008

    Over the six years of the event's existence, the tournament and silent auction has raised more than $173,300. This year's totals are not complete, but the event could reach $29,000. Proceeds from the event are given to the Waisman Center at UW-Madison and designated for the David Busta Spinal Cord Injury Research Fund. The money benefits the research of Dr. Su-Chun Zhang, a scientist at the center.

    The event's namesake, David Busta, did not think the turnout for the event was as high as in years past, and he believes that the nice weather may have been more inviting than the tournament. He also noted that having the event over Thanksgiving weekend can make attendance difficult for some. Nonetheless, he is happy with the amount they raised.

    "That figure is fairly average compared to our last few years," said Busta. "When we started to prepare for this year's tournament, I feared the troubled economy might limit our totals this year. I set my sights slightly lower this year, but I'm very happy and thankful that we were so successful."


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    very nice of her to help out and not forget her friend.
    oh well

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    A great tribute to the lasting effects of Chris's legacy.

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    This makes me love her. Yay Jane!

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny View Post
    This makes me love her. Yay Jane!
    I've always loved her...she seems to earth and REAL...

    You GO, Jane!!! YAY!

    Take care...


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