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Thread: Jay Cushion

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    Jay Cushion

    I have had a J2 cushion for the last four years. How often should you replace them? And how long are they supposed to last?

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    I recently had to throw away a Jay Active cushion I had used for 6 years that I bought used at a Goodwill store back in early 2002. The gel pack eventually ripped too much along the seams for me to repair it (a rather messy situation). I think that you can get a new cushion from insurance when you get a new wheelchair (in WA, its every 5 years, I think). If you get pressure sores badly before then, insurances will make acceptions.
    Right now, I am currently using a J2 Deep Contour cushion I got off of Ebay, which I really don't like because it puts me too high up in the seat and is very heavy.


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