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Thread: Transfer from chair to Hotel bed

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    Transfer from chair to Hotel bed

    Is there a PORTABLE LIFT that would be good for this.?
    I will be going to the abilities Expo in Houston Texas I usually will have 2 to 3 people with me to just throw me in a bed LOL but if it would be easier I was going to either rent from someone in Houston or purchase that will go under a hotel bed

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    Here are a few that I found with a google search for "portable transfer lift." Check the search for more.
    Whenever you are traveling with a lift it is essential that you confirm with the hotels that their beds are open underneath rather than on closed platforms. Many of the lifts won't work with the closed platform beds. I think the Easy Pivot model needs just a minimal amount of space under the bed.

    Hope the Disability Expo is a good one this year.

    (ultimate portability)


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    So far, there is no technology to substitute for a couple of friends to just toss you into and out of bed while on a trip. It might be a little more expensive but there's no real maintenance outside of not being a douche to your friends.

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    this is probably of no use to you, but its what i use for staying in hotels or someones house. the base detaches and flips over to fit on slatted or divan beds. i can put it in the bottom of a big duffle bag with my clothes.

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    Virtually any portable lift will work as long as you do not have a platform bed. Virtually no portable lifts will work with a platform bed as they must gain their stability with the legs going under the bed. That includes the lifts mentioned above. If you don't have a lift to take with you, you can rent from a local DME, but it is critical that you assure that your bed will not be a platform lift. We always insist on talking directly to the hotel manager about this need, not just to some reservation clerk who is often not even on-site, nor familiar with the specific room. Once you book the room, be sure to "block" it (not just reserve it) to guarantee you will get that specific room.


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    I use a hoyer lift when I travel during rugby season. On platform beds, remove the platform and stand it against the wall, then use phone books to prop each corner up till the bed is high enough to slide a hoyer under. For extra phone books ask the front desk. Never have run into issues with this.

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    I know this thread is a little old but in case someone comes across to it still looking for information here's how we worked around platform beds in motel rooms. We use a hoyer advanced portable transfer lift and since the legs won't go underneath the bed they do spread wide enough that we can use it straddling the corner of the bed. It requires pulling me down the bed a little and turning me at an angle but it works perfectly fine and when there's no other options what choice do we have.. Lord knows just because they say they have handicap rooms doesn't mean ----!
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    I don't have to use a lift, but there are times when the bed is so much higher than the chair that my wife has to spot me during the transfer up. KLD and Cowboy are absolutely right about the definition of handicap room. Usually one night won't bother me one way or another, but If I am staying for awhile, I make sure that I talk to the hotel directly, and usually ask that they go take a look at the room to make sure that I am getting what I need - roll-in shower, bed height, etc; and then make sure that they put my name on that particular room. Had a situation at a Holiday Inn Express a few years ago where I had done all the prep work, and when I got to the hotel, they had given the room to someone who wasn't even handicapped. They wouldn't do anything about switching, so I knocked on the door and explained the situation to the family in that room, and they were happy to switch. We are our own best advocates!

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