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Thread: Haunted House!!!

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    Haunted House!!!

    Has anyone been to any haunted house anywhere? How haunted it is? Any photo? What experience?

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    Do you mean a legitimate haunted house or one staged for Halloween?

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    I use to live in a haunted house. I thought I was crazy at first, because someone would wake me up in the night to go check on my son. I would find him tangled up in his blanket. I quit locking the house and so did my wife, without thinking why. Then one day we were talking about stuff and realized we both had experience Barney our ghost. We never saw him, or had him do bad stuff. We had a feeling like someone was always home. That someone was baby sitting our son. Barney had been the man that lived and died there for 84 years in the bedroom out son slept in. Everyone in town referred to it as Barney's house. It was the safest feeling place I ever lived in.
    When we sold the house we wondered if he stayed and took care of the people after us. Years later I stopped by and talked to the people living there. I asked if Barney was still around. They got the strangest look on their faces and then told us the same stories we had. They said they bought the house from a single girl, who didn't like the place. We laughed, I guess Barney wanted a family and kids. I haven't been by in ten years, wonder if he's still there.

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    I refer mainly to haunted houses for fun and recreation (This is what this forum is for).
    I don't mind if anybody sends posts about haunted houses with SPIRIT and the related!! (I don't know whether the moderators and administrators mind this).

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    Yes, I have, but I don't have any idea to post photo. Kindly tell me how can I post photo here.

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