My boyfriend is a recent paraplegic after experiencing an undiagnosed spinal cord injury in July (nearly 4 months ago). He felt a sudden pain while playing volleyball and felt some weakness in one leg, but could still walk without any problems. Within 24 hours he was experiencing numbness in both legs and after 10 days in the hospital he lost all feeling and muscle control from the base of his rib cage down. He had numerous MRI's, 2 spinal taps, an angiogram, and countless blood tests, but the doctors found nothing conclusive. He has shown no improvement since the injury. He is 45 years old and in excellent health. He has devoted his whole life to sports and was actively coaching high school volleyball and basketball until this happened, so the adjustment is very dramatic. His mental outlook is very positive and he went through a month of physical therapy with flying colors.

I'm just wondering if there is anything else that we can do? I have read everything I can find about spinal stroke and stem cell trials, but I haven't found anything that I can actively pursue yet. I would really like to take some agressive action since this is such a recent injury and he is in excellent health otherwise.

Thanks for any suggestions.