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Thread: A Vegetarian Diet Shrinks the Brain or Vice Versa?

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    A Vegetarian Diet Shrinks the Brain or Vice Versa?

    The problem with uncontrolled studies is that one never knows whether something is the cause or effect. Why do the scientists assume that shrinking brain is the consequence of vegetarian diets? Perhaps it is the cause of the vegetarian diets?

    A Vegetarian Diet Shrinks the Brain

    Sep 15th 2008
    By Jeremy Taylor

    (Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.)

    According to a new study, vegetarians and vegans are six times more likely to suffer from brain shrinkage than meat eaters.

    The link was discovered after scientists at Oxford University ran memory tests, physical checks and brain scans on 107 people between the ages of 61and 87, and then retested them five years later.

    Researchers speculate the loss of brain mass in vegetarians and vegans is due to a deficiency of Vitamin B12, which is found in meat, fish and eggs. This type of brain atrophy is linked to Alzheimer's Disease and other cognitive failings.

    The decision to eat meat is often attacked by veggies, but it now seems as though these kinds of affronts may just be a product of small-mindedness.


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    have you ever heard of vegetarians being hypoglycemic? my daughter and I recently began eating small amounts of meat after about 12 years without.(still ate dairy and tuna) it seems to have eliminated the hypoglycemic episodes she began having about a year ago.

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    Is that why I've been hearing a rattling sound when I shake my head?
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    I need the extra space to accommodate for the other side-effect of vegetarianism: Overwhelming smugness
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    I wonder who funded this study. The American cattle industry? It seems counter-intuitive to me, since plenty of studies have shown that not eating high cholesterol is healthier for people in everyway. B-12 can be easily obtained in other foods, and a good vegetarian would know how to do that. Then, of course, no vegetarian has to worry about Mad Cow disease......or Chronic Wasting Disease found in deer and elk.

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