One of the biggest confusions we have in the VA system is that whenever we talk about VA benefits healthcare is included in this. Healthcare is a totally different department and has different qualifications. So while we are talking about the whole 7 year mark to be able to make it service connection, that is just monetary compensation, which I know is big. As Skippy also mentioned there is also a service pension that you might qualify for but this is income based and also requires wartime service.

If you are a Veteran have been diagnosed with MS or SCI/D and have served the minimum amount of time than you should qualify for HEALTHCARE under Priority Group 4. The healthcare in itself is huge please don't think that just because you don't qualify for a monitary benefit you don't qualify for care.

They are two totally different types of benefits. Contact the PVA that is in your area. DAV, AFW, and all the different types of VSOs can help you and they are great organizations but anything SCI/D is PVA's specialty.