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Thread: Give this a read and response

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    Give this a read and response$100billion-Scam.pdf

    I found this while looking up some other stuff. Its an interesting read atleast but I found that there is a lot there that I agree with. I would love to get an opposing opinion though which I'm sure can be found on here. these aren't neccessarily my views so save the hostility towards me although i think my thoughts are more towards his side especially after reading his thoughts...

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    Eric, can you specify a few things that you agree with in the diatribe? Thanks. Wise.

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    Phew - It's kinda hardcore reading, this paper...

    " already believe their lies and are willing contributors to their
    cause and you have become sheep, walking quietly to the ovens as did the European
    Jews under Hitler. The Jews of today’s Israel, without thinking twice, will kill those
    that would destroy them, but you, dear heart patients, have become the sheepwalkers
    of the 21st century. The ovens await you, and your government, especially your
    Congress, is doing everything in its power to shove you along."

    To be honest - I don't know what to think anymore...

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    "The embryonic profiteers NEVER publish the truth, which is that ESC will not
    cure any human of anything in the next decade---perhaps longer. Instead they
    make outrageous claims like “If George Bush were not president, Christopher
    Reeve would be walking now!” Michael J. Fox has been suckered in too. He
    doesn’t know that he is lengthening his suffering by contributing to the fraud,
    but he is."

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    "The answer, obviously, is the woefully deficient USA medical system and
    worse, the establishment which runs it. Today the USA is running dozens of
    near-worthless heart clinical trials to prove what the Brazilians, Germans,
    Uraguayans, Thais, and others proved years ago. The USA is NOT discovering
    anywhere near the new uses of ASC as South America or even India! Why?
    Because its blindly-moronic** scientists are so bent on politically-correct ESC
    that they believe their own lies that ASC do not work."

    Somebody tell me if this is a mad man rambling? Or is there anything to it?
    - Leif, where is it from, and what interest has the writer in this? Is he financially involved with the Israeli company he keeps mentioning?

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    I saw bioethics specialist idiot Wesley J. Smith and mentioned a few times in the paper, and then I stopped reading. -It’s just a bunch of camouflaged fundamental religious hoopla propaganda that has nothing to do with science and cures.

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    Leif - thank you for the good morning read!!

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    100 billion scam

    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young View Post
    Eric, can you specify a few things that you agree with in the diatribe? Thanks. Wise.
    DR.wise wht di you think of Don margols is he right or worng
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    100 billion scam

    [quote=skeaman;953664]DR.wise what did you think of Don margols is he right or wrong /quote]
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    Quote Originally Posted by skeaman View Post
    DR.wise wht di you think of Don margols is he right or worng
    In my opinion, Don Margolis doesn't know what he is talking about and the whole article is propaganda by an anti-embryonic activist. But, I don't want to waste my breath on how wrong Margolis is and would like to know what Eric thought was right about Margolis that I can address his concerns.


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