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Thread: Driving again

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    Thx guys

    i am looking forward to it men

    can you guys tell me abt the good hand control to use
    i am t5 para
    love women now than ever

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    Hey Pierre,

    You just need to inform the DVLA that you are now a disabled driver (there is a short form to fill in), send back your license to be updated and your done.

    You do not need to take any futher test to drive in the UK. I personally use a set of portable hand controls by

    They are easy to fit / use and pretty much fit any car,


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    I'm working on getting my first set of hand controls so I can get back on the road again. It has only be four months but it seems like forever! I miss going for long drives down the coast. I agree with the earlier post it gives you freedom and independence which we need as much as we need one another.

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