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Thread: Driving again

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    Driving again

    i want to go back to drving,after 5 years post accident.
    i am a t5 complete my questions are

    do i just modify a car and drive? or i need to go back to driven lesson as a disable?

    love women now than ever

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    Probably need an answer from someone else in the UK. In the USA, this varies by state. Some require driver's training and a new driver's exam for your license, while others don't.


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    I needed to do my drivers exam over again, but thats in canada.

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    In Norway you have to take lessons again but we get them for free and we don't have to take any theoretic exam and the driving test is not the serious kind if you have license from before. They only want to see if you are able to drive with hand controlls.
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    In Wa, I was told I had to take another drivers test. But as for lessons, hell I was driving before, I know the rules, I just practiced around the block for about 45 min. and then took short trip to one doc. then longer the naxt day and in a week went about 90 mile round trip. Gawd it feels great to have some freedom. Get it soon, man, it's very freeing. Good luck.

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    In TX: Had to do drivers test again. Took a few lessons first. New license notes that I need vehicle modifications.

    So how come you waited 5 years post to want to drive? Are gas prices dropping in the UK like they are here? Were you taking public transport?

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    was lazy mate

    would my licence work there if i ever visit the state or need to change it again
    love women now than ever

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    I think you could drive.

    You'd be what G.W. Bush calls a "Furrin" driver.

    Cities like Houston are pretty accessible.

    The big rental companies will lease you an auto with hand controls.

    Gas is $1.57 a gallon today. I'll let you do the conversion math.

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    Start driving again....if you have to take lessons there in the UK then do it. The first time you drive yourself will have an amazing feeling. Nothing will be out of reach.....just do it.

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    Just gotta remember when you come here, to drive on the correct side of the road, please

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