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Thread: Veteran's Introductions

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveD View Post
    Looks like we need a few more Canadians here.

    1) You guessed it - Canada
    2) 2 Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, E Bty 1995-2000; Canadian Forces Military Police 2000-2010
    3) 1995 - 2010
    4) Service related lower limb injury.
    5) Please don't tell me my support the troops flag is inappropriate on the back of a wheelchair if you don't want to hear my opinion as well. (long story)
    Welcome Dave D. Nice to meet you. Sorry you had to find us as we say but glad that you did. I to am a Veteran of US Air Force. Served 8/71 to 5/75
    Inventory Mgt Specialist in Squadron Supply & Base Supply Service
    Lackland Air Force Base for Basic Training, Lowry Air Force Base, Denver Colorado for Tech School, McConnell Air Force Base, Wichita Kansas
    Zweibrucken Air Force Base, Zweibrucken , Germany

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    Hi there. I'm new to the forum but gaining alot of useful information as a result.

    1. United States.
    2. US Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve.
    3. 21 years combined service as an enlisted man and officer in Armor, Logistics, and Civil Affairs/PsyOps units.
    4. Non-service connected disability.
    5. Loved the military. My father, uncle and I are all Retirees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Please share a little bit about yourself as a veteran:

    1) In which country's military did you serve?
    2) Which branch/units?
    3) When?
    4) Did you receive your SCI/D while in the military or afterwards?
    5) Anything else you want to share about being a veteran with SCI/D.

    *US Army (Regular Active Duty & National Guard)
    *1992 to Present
    *Received my SCI while still enlisted in the Army National Guard
    *Was injured in a motorcycle crash on 7 October 2010 just about 2 months after returning from my 2nd tour of duty in Iraq. In the process of being medically discharged from the National Guard. I'm a T3/T4 complete.

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    1) United States of America
    2) US Navy / VAW 115 (USS Independance, USS Kitty Hawk) VAW 112 (USS John C. Stennis)
    3) 1997 - 2002
    4) Yes, I am 100% service connected but my accident came 7 months after I returned state side.
    5) I am fast approaching 10 years in a chair as a disabled Vet and I have done tons of activities ranging from the Winter and Summer sports clinics to hand cycling with the local V.A. The V.A. is our life line to activities that some SCI's dont have access to and I am greatfull for everything they have done for me.

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    Welcome! Which VA SCI Center do you attend?


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    Yes, welcome to the site, sailor.

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    Zweibrucken Air Force Base, Zweibrucken , Germany
    RAFS--I was born in Zweibrucken while my dad was stationed there . Never have run across anyone else who has even heard of the base.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Welcome! Which VA SCI Center do you attend?

    I attend the Long Beach VA, I rehabbed there and even though the Loma Linda and San Diego VA's are closer I really like the therapists and facility in Long Beach. -Brian

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    Loma Linda does not have a SCI Center (a "hub"). It is a "spoke" hospital with only a SCI outpatient clinic. Long Beach, San Diego and Palo Alto are the hub centers in CA.


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    Army- 3rd 75th Rgn Bn / 1st/58th mech. Ft. Benning, Ga.

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