Waza, you know we closed Bermuda back in '95. Since then the disabled of Bermuda have been doing god all to get the old hospital turned into studio apartments for the disabled over there. Seems the need for accessible housing is as great as the Bermudian government's fear that gimps from the Caribbean may move north if they do anything more than is needed for cruise ship tourists.

And yea, I was a Czech linguist but had Bermuda on my wish list of 3.

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1. USA
2. U.S. Navy, journalist with specialties as publications editor, Armed Forces Radio and Television.
3. 1954-1963. Missed Korea and Viet Nam.
4. Service connected for leg and knee injuries, but not for SCI which came into my life seven years ago.
5. Current volunteer at VA hospital and with Paralyzed Veterans of America. Receive all my health care via the VA and have no complaints.

While in Navy served shipboard sea duty; newspaper editor U.S. Naval Base Bermuda;Admiral's staff, newspaper editor, manager base television station, Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; Amphibious Force Atlantic newspaper editor, Little Creek, Va.

Fully enjoyed my time in the Navy. I met my wife of 48 years in Bermuda, both daughters born in Guantanamo.