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Thread: Veteran's Introductions

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Call the service officer back. Unless your SCI/D is extremely incomplete, you should qualify as Category 4 for medical care (VHA benefits). This includes both inpatient and outpatient care without co-payments, except for meds unrelated to your SCI/D. A SCI/D physician has to sign off on your Category 4 is easy (1 page) but they will need to either examine you or get medical records for you in order to do this.

    This has nothing to do with your other veteran's benefits such as pension or compensation (which fall under the VBA division).

    Ann Arbor is not a SCI Center (they are a spoke clinic for the Cleveland VA SCI Center, where you should be going for your annual evaluation), but they should have an outpatient SCI clinic. The Social Worker there, according to my sources, can be contacted at:
    (734) 845-3821. This person is also responsible to be sure your eligibility is set up correctly, and that you get referred to Cleveland for your annual evaluation.

    Thank you. I will consider doing this. I am complete at T-10 since 1970.

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    Thank you all for your service. USN SK2 (Supply). 86-90, 91-2004. Wife in a wheelchair from polio as a child from injected vacine. Work with several Vets as a volunteer. It is challenging to understand the terms. Hopefully another volunteer will share a ring binder with the cheat sheets.

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    United States
    Vietnam 1969
    100% Service connected
    Retired now. Started a business in 1983/2003
    Married and enjoying life.
    Landmine then car wreck while in the hospital.

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