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Thread: how much can FES help c6 in hand unction

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    how much can FES help c6 in hand unction

    i am back from about one month stay at arm fource institute of rehab mmedicine i currently the biggest rehab centre in the country .there are thouands of cases
    of sci after2005 earth quake and because of the recent war against terrorism.

    as i have recently completed my graduation and now want to start some job
    and for that i want to imprve my hand functions.doctors told me that they are
    working on FES device on which hand grip can be controlled through shouldr movement.

    can FES device beused effectively for finger movementand making hand grip?

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    Check out the Bioness H200. It might be something your interested in. NMES is more likely to show functional improvements if you have some hand movement already.

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