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Thread: So I put an ad on Craig's list Saturday...

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    Okay like I said wild guess.

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    This economy must be a bummer. Two prospective PCAs called me out of the blue in the past week. One worked for me occasionally about a year ago. The other was a friend of a friend.

    I didn't even post an ad.

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    It would be a bit of a commute ..... alabama to arizona.

    Welcome Nickelo!
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    thanks - i finally had something to say i guess - ryan - your going to get it! - thanks mona for the complement, i almost took care of rybread but he scared me off! LOL (just kidding ryan!)
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    You know, people in the care giving profession have to be careful, as well. They, too, can be in danger when going to meet a perspective employer, whether it is in the home or some off site location. It is always advisable for a caregiver (especially if they are private and work for themselves) to have another person go with them to the initial interview.


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    I tried craigslist with poor results. 2 responses and 1 of those was asking if the ad was real. In a city of 300k, I get maybe 5-10 calls for my newspaper ad. I need 4 hours sat and 4 hours sunday mornings.

    That's not enough pay or time for them I guess. Most are looking to sit on their ass for 12 hours or get sleeping shifts. I'm so close to being totally independent, but so far away. I keep trying to get my body stronger, and it keeps fighting me. Bad economy.. ya right.. we're the only nation that has fat poor people.

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    This last ad that I posted I got over 60 responses for for a daytime caregiver. I found one with lots of experience and who really enjoys working with spinal cord injury as opposed to someone with no experience like a usually hire, which I normally prefer to two so I can train them in exactly how I want it done. But this lady knows how to transfer and all that stuff so maybe I can avoid using the lawyer lift for a little while, at least during the day. But I specifically put in my ad that I'm looking for someone in their 20s or 30s because we would be spending so much time together I would want somebody who would relate to me. I got a lot of responses from people in their early 40s to the late 50s. This new lady I hired was blown away about how much function I have for my level and what I can do. She said she worked for another C-5 who was really lazy and didn't like to do anything for himself and eventually fell in love with her and began pestering her. She had to change her phone number and everything to stop him from bugging her. I've never hired someone with experience before so this should be different.
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    Awesome that you found someone with experience and seemingly the right attitude! My only caveat would be that if there is a routine you do a specific way, make it clear that that is the way you expect it to continue. Our experience has been that people do things differently, and sometimes that can get in the way. Just be really clear on how you want things done. We usually say something like - we have our routine that works for us, and is best/safest/easiest for Matt. If you have suggestions, we'd love to hear them, but we make the decision on changing up any routine. Good luck - keep us posted!

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    Well I'm sure she'll have some great ideas to bring to the table also, although I'll make sure she understands that I have a routine that works for me very well. She says she does a lot of occupational and physical therapy for her clients which will be great, because it's been a long time since I've done either of those. I do have a ton of exercise equipment, including an Uppertone and a rickshaw (a press down machine that my neighbor built for me) so I'm all set up for working out at home. The tricky part is going to be keeping her occupied the first couple of weeks while I'm on bed rest. But I guess there's plenty to do around my house as far as cleaning goes, plus I have a Nintendo Wii that we can play. I believe there will be plenty around here for me to find her to do.
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    Make the best out of today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Nobody knows that better than those of us that have almost died from spinal cord injury.

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    This is all very interesting, who is responsible for liability of any kind? Do you have special insurance? Thanks for the thread!
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