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Thread: how much can tendon transfer help c6 ASIA A

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    how much can tendon transfer help c6 ASIA A

    i am back from about one month stay at AFIRM ( arm fource institute of rehab mmedicine
    pakistan).it i currently the biggest rehab centre in the country .there are thouands of cases
    of sci after2005 earth quake and because of the recent war against terrorism.
    one ofmy aim was to learn transfer techniques but unluckily was uccessful in that.doctors told me to work hard on my arm muscles and come back after 3 months for
    tendon tranfer.i am c6 ASIA A 6 years post injury.
    has anyone in this forum at my level done tendon it helpful?should i go for it?
    i will be thankful for knd guidance.
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    Yes, tendon transfer surgery at your level could mean full independence.

    Can't find my thread right now but search under "quad hand surgery, my journey" which I wrote about 4+ yrs ago.

    Good luck.

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    Here is the link:

    It is important to know 1) which tendon transfer surgery are they talking to you about (which muscles), 2) the amount of experience in doing this surgery that the physician has, and 3) what access will you have for the extensive occupational therapy you will need after the recovery period to learn how to use the transfer.

    You should also know that there will be a significant period of time where the involved arm will be immobilized and you will be initally MORE dependent during the healing period.


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