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Thread: Sauce For The Troops

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    Sauce For The Troops

    Most folks already know how good Reverend Marvins Gourment BBQ Sauce is and how big of a fan I am personally. I am a very close personal friend of Woody Lynch the owner of Rev's and he is one of the most genuine, kind, caring, etc., people you'll ever meet.

    Woody and his Family, including the 'Reverend Marvin' himself have started an AWESOME program to show our support, thanks and gratitude to our Troops proudly and bravely serving throughout the Middle East and all over the world. It's called Sauce For The Troops. Click the link and read the story, program and how it works. Basically, make a Donation as little or as much as you like. Your donations add up and Reverend Marvins Sauce's are sent to our Troops for a taste of the Good Old South and home, the U.S. of A. I cannot think of a better way to show your thanks and gratitude to our brave and pround men and women serving throughout the Middle East and all over the world. This is not a money making program, it is to benefit the Service Members.

    P.S. - If you have a specific soldier you want your sauce sent to, you can provide that APO information along with your donation and the sauce will be shipped to them specifically!

    God Bless America!
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