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Thread: Oldest vertebrate - 560 million year old - discovered by a Aussie sheep farmer

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    Oldest vertebrate - 560 million year old - discovered by a Aussie sheep farmer

    Fossil of the oldest vertebrate
    Farmer's fossil find excites
    Fossil (Pic: University of South Australia)
    The fossil is 560 million years old
    A sheep farmer in Australia has discovered a fossil of the world's oldest vertebrate - the common ancestor of all animals with a backbone.

    Sheep station owner Ross Fargher found the fossil among a number of strange shapes embedded in sandstone slabs on his farm. But after taking it home, he left it on his veranda for four years before scientists identified its importance.

    At 560 million years old, the fossil is around 30 million years older than the next oldest vertebrate remains found so far, in China.

    "All that came before it presumably was something that was absolutely microscopic, the size of an amoeba or a tiny organism, that wouldn't be represented in the fossil record," palaeontologist Dr Jim Gehling, of the Museum of South Australia in Adelaide, told BBC World Service's Science In Action programme.

    "What it actually represents, I guess, is the deepest part of the tree of life."

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    that just proves my theory that the aliens seeded this planet 30 million years earlier than previously thought
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