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    I always change my hair [i really really like wigs, its so fun]
    I always do my makeup- I LOVE Panacea's tips-
    I love jeans that are tight in the thigh and flair out [but still have a little extra tummy room] and [the BEST]
    I like showing of my arms, I like layering tank tops. Layering can camoflauge a belly.
    ALSO- keep in mind- the ''maternity'' ''tummy concealing'' look is IN b/c everyone's gotten so fat.
    I know whenever I go shopping, my little quad gut looks a lot better than the tummys of most AB ladies out there.

    Play up your best features. NO ONE is perfectly happy with their body. ;D

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    I'm a beauty junkie. Whenever I feel "blah" I shop for new lip gloss or lipstick, I try to give myself manicure every week (because chipped nails are not sexy ). I also love treating myself to a facial mask twice a week.

    I hate my quad belly too- with a passion. I tried wearing the abdominal binders before, but they messed up my skin really bad-not to mention the bunching . I just try wearing tops that aren't tight fitting, but still has a nice cut, so it doesn't look boxy on me.

    I also like jeans and khakis that flair out-esp. if they have stretch in 'em. I shop at Old Navy lot because their clothes fit me pretty well.

    As for shoes, I recently bought some simple Maryjane flats from that I just love. They are orthopedic with a velcro strap-kinda dorky, but you can't see it because the pants cover it. So they just look like I'm wearing flats. I am all about comfort nowadays. I don't like the way a lot of orthopedic shoes look, but my feet swell up sometimes and I need a wide size and cushion.

    Meagalon- I love Lauren Luke (Panacea). I've learned so much from her-esp. how to smoke out my eyes. Now it doesn't look like I got "punched in the eyes", as my hubby would say .
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    i agree that it's important to take care of one's self and make an effort. there are lots of women out there who aren't happy on the inside and it shows bc they let themselves go. when you care about yourself and make an effort, whether it be by putting on a little make up, wearing a nice top, trying a new hairstyle - your confidence and beauty shows through.

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    I have found the most helpful thing to be dressing for my figure rather than obsessing about changing it or wishing I could comfortably wear the clothes of my preference. I am slim but look pregnant - what is worse is that three people in a short space of time have actually asked if I am! I am slim and have a hefty lordosis so I do look like I am about to imminently give birth, they had a point but it is still not nice to have your most disliked features pointed out to you!

    I have found tops like this:
    to help and also knowing that not many people are 100% happy with their body.

    P.S. does anyone know of a good binder? The ones I have tried do not seem to do anything.

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    To all of you ladies who are worrying about your newly found "football shoulders." From a guys perspective; be glad that you've got them, pushing your chair for the next 60 years requires you to have them. I'm a T-10 incomplete of 27 years, 6'5" tall with legs like toothpicks in comparison. I got sick about 5 months ago, I was diagnosed 2 days ago with Guillen Barre Syndrome, on the good side of remission. If I didn't have the massive upper body I developed over time, ( I was skinny at 24) for sure it would have started munching on my organs and killed me. Its nice to see a girl in a chair who looks like she takes care of herself,(with the knowledge that there are those who physically can't but want too) a tummy is part of the territory; big shoulders- so what! Your not using a chair because your tired of walking, your the same person you were before; move on and love yourself. The rest of the world understands, at least some of us do; we aren't holding it against you!!

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    yep, I have the belly problem also. I found a binder at Wal-Marts that works perfect after buying three or four that didn't work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maryonwheels46 View Post
    yep, I have the belly problem also. I found a binder at Wal-Marts that works perfect after buying three or four that didn't work.
    could you post a pic of it or something like it? thanks!
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    I sure will. It will take a few days. It is perfect because it don't ride up and it flattens by belly so I look so much better in jeans and shorts and dresses. It fit well under cloths. It only cost about 12$. I tried all the expensive one.
    I want to Rock you Gypsy soul and together we will flow into the Mystic.
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    you look awesome

    i LOVED being pregnanat
    Quote Originally Posted by alissa View Post
    Just wanted to share the only time in my life when I felt GREAT about my huge belly (pregnancy).

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    Cali, my camera isn't working but the name of my binder from Wal-Mart is Cupid. It's not very wide and came in a box. It has eight hooks like on a bra and four flexible thingy things (lol) to keep it from rolling up. It stays down and don't ride or roll up. It's made out of strong girdle material. I hope it helps.
    I want to Rock you Gypsy soul and together we will flow into the Mystic.
    Van Morrison

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