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Thread: New to CareCure but not SCI

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    New to CareCure but not SCI

    Hello everyone.

    This is my first post but I've been reading for awhile. I am 2 1/2 years post and am a C5/6 incomplete quad due to a boat accident. I have been married for 20 years and have two teenaged children. I have enjoyed reading all the forums and have learned some things along the way. It's great to have a group of people that know exactly what you're going through. I look forward to making many new friends and being a support to those I can help.

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    Welcome to CareCure and Go Tar Heels!

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    Wecome aboard the CC cruise liner. My oldest son just moved to Raleigh for a new job. Looking foreward to visiting him soon.
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    Hi, I'm from NC too. Welcome aboard!
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    UNC ALL THE WAY THIS YEAR. I'm trying to get a final four package as the tarheels should win this running away...

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    Welcome to our crazy family UNCfan. Good to see another Tarheeler here.
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    Welcome to CC!

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    Welcome UNCfan, i'm c5,6 also

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    hey welcome, n thanks 4 stoppin by

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