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    Tub buddy

    I have a product that I think you'd be very interested in. It's called the Tub Buddy. The TubBuddy is an bathing transfer system which carries The unit allows for safe and easy transfer over and out of the bath tub.
    In addition it has a tilt option that allows the caregiver to relieve pressure for the patient while simultaneously making it easier to bathe the patient. The tilt option alleviates caregiver strain by allowing the patient to slide over the bath tub without having to lift their legs. This product has been selling like crazy and is running out of stock.
    Interested? reply to get reduced price.

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    Advertising here is generally limited to only members and not to commercial enterprises, but I will leave this for now. This product is very similar to other ones on the market from NuProdx and other companies:


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