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Thread: Ambien's role in chronic pain

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    Quote Originally Posted by alan View Post
    Ambien doesn't make me tired, or help my pains.

    Tylenol PM has diphenhydramine (Benedryl) in it, I believe. That can raise blood pressure.
    My bp is scary low, has been since my injury. Tylenol PM works good for me and I figured it's better than getting addicted to another script, idk, I need something to sleep or pains keep me awake.
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    I suffered intense lower back pain with this drug. It stopped immediately when I stopped taking it. Switched to Lunesta- now I have awful tast in mouth. Does that last or does it go away with longer usage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arndog View Post
    What do others out there do when they finally lay down for the night and the lights are out and all the internal neuropathic sensations and burning comes in to your consciousness?
    10mg methadone and 10mg oxycodone. It may be anomalous but my neuro pain, specifically burning in my feet and ass went down once I got off the neurotin. Crap, old thread. sorry.

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    Ambien turns me into a zombie, sonata is a minor help but sleep remains elusive no matter what i take

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    My husband takes Ambien, Ativan and Lyrica before bed.
    He still has trouble falling asleep, but only rarely wakes with pain during the night now.
    If he does he takes his morning Lyrica early and .5 Ativan.

    When I take Ambien I get at at night and eat, making a huge mess, but thats another story.

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    Take Restoril. Ambien and Lunesta would take forever to kick in. Then I would be a malfunctioning droid in the a.m. The Restoril drops me off fast, and I get 5 good hours of snoring, waking up zippy and zingy.....

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