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Thread: New member and new injury

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    Welcome to the community.

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    I am too an L1 burst fracture. I was hurt from a 30 ft fall. My nephew also got hurt over there. He lost both legs. If you have any questions feel free to call 630-319-5476

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    Welcome! You can get lots of good info here, and this place has the feel of family.

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    Hey 6GunCobra, glad to have you on board, circumstances being what they are. Sounds like a scary incident in the chopper, was it a Cobra? That's about my favorite gunship. Well hey, good to see you here, use the search engine for most any imaginable question, great info here. And don't hesitate to ask questions, of course. Watch for the coming Veterans forum.

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    Thank you for your service and sacrifice for our country! Keep your eyes open for our soon-to-debut Veterans' Forum on this site. Meanwhile, post often and read lots. There are other veterans here but also non-veterans who will be glad to help you out as you learn the ropes.


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    Welcome 6gun. Sorry bout the injury. It's a whole new life. Rehab gets you started, the rest is up yo you. We're here to help answer any questions, and some of these other people are pretty dam smart,so ask away.
    Thank you for your service to our country, we appreciate it!!,so many people take our freedom for granted, not me, and you never will either. You need to meet Quadvet on here, he's a hell of a guy. Good luck dude.

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    Welcome. Thank you for your sacrifice to keep this country free. I feel a debt owed to you and your compatriots in the armed services.

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    Welcome to CC!

    T12/L2 Complete - Nov. 12, 2007

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    Welcome to CareCure

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    I'm glad you found us. Rehab is crucial, and I imagine you got luckily good rehab. Integrating afterwards is tough. Ask us anything. We are unshockable and we like to help!

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