I was diagnosed with a syrinx in the C5-C6 range. It is not very large in size. I went to a neurosurgeon and he said that the syrinx was not caused by the auto accident that I was in on 10/20 where I was rearended while sitting at a red light by a drunk driver going 50mph. The NS said that syrinx are only caused by severe trauma and that hitting my head on the stirring wheel during this accident did not cause the syrinx. I do not have Chiari I malformation. The NS said that I have probably always had the syrinx. He also said that they only grow in 2% of cases.
I do have 2 herniated discs one of which is pressing on my spinal cord. The herniated discs are C5 and C6. Does this seem correct to you? If so what causes syrinx in patients without severe trauma that do not have Chiari I? Thank you for any information you can give on this situation.
I hope that the NS that I saw is correct and that this is nothing to be concerned about.
I have symptoms of numbness and tingling from my the top of my head down my left arm, severe headaches, dizziness, mid back( between shoulder blades), ocassional blurred vision, and some lower back discomfort. The newest symptom of sharp stabbing pain in the top of my head is quite annoying.The NS explained all of this as severe whiplash.

Sorry to ramble on this is all just quite confusing. Thanks again