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Thread: CT gynecologist?

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    CT gynecologist?

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone here knew of a good OB/GYN in the Connecticut/New York area who's familiar with spinal cord injuries. I have a great doctor now but I don't think she knows much about SCI. Any and all recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!

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    I have an awesome gynecologist. Her name is Natalie Answar. Her father is spinal cord injured so she is definitely familiar with some of the challenges we face. She is in Madison, CT, not really close to the NY border so not sure if that is too far for you to travel.
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    Dr Andrieoli at Grove Hill Medical Center in New Britain is also good. But again, a bit of a drive.
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    If you have mediCAID try calling aroung to your local UCP or ACLD. They have accessible clinics and although they may not be familiar with SCI, at least you can get on the table for starters.
    Your local ILC may have information too.
    Your SCI dr. has no recommendation?

    p.s. If you're dr. is great she will be willing to consult with the SCI dr. about any SCI concerns you have and I'd stick with her.

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    thanks!! my current ob's office is accessible and i do really like all the people there, but sometimes i just feel like my dr is kinda clueless about SCIs and i dont have a specific SCI dr, just a regular GP who I love. your guys suggestions are a little far, but still manageable. i'll have to look into it a little bit more

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