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Thread: On-line resources for Women with Disabilities

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    On-line resources for Women with Disabilities

    Let's make this a sticky topic. Please use this as a place to list and describe good resources for women with disabilities, esp. mobility disabilities such as SCI or MS.


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    Table Manners: A guide to the gyn exam for women with disabilities

    This was originally developed by Planned Parenthood of San Francisco. Now it is available on-line. This is a good little booklet to download, print and share with your primary care or gyn physician or nurse practitioner:


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    Center for Research on Women with Disabilities

    CROWD (Center for Research on Women with Disabilities) is an invaluabe site with lots of information that is kept updated on a consistent basis. It is sponsored by the Baylor College of Medicine:


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    Disabled Women on the Web

    This is another good resource site with lots of information and links to other resources for women:


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    Federal Government site for women with disabilities

    This is part of the website:


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    This is an excellent Canadian site for women with disabilities:


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    Women with Disabilities-Australia

    This site from down under has excellent resources and links for women with disabilities from all over the world:


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    Sick Chicks and Twisted Sisters

    This somewhat irreverent site has poetry, discussion forums, links, articles and lot of good info for women with disabilitie of a wide variety:


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    Wow! Thanks KLD! I'll check all of them out.
    Cool having everything for women right here.

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    An online magazine created by women in wheelchairs who had difficulty finding answers to their health, fashion, and other questions. Their mission is to bring together current and accurate information on issues of interest to their community and to enable people to share and learn from each other

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