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Thread: 1st change of insurance

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    1st change of insurance

    So I got a letter from my insurance company explaining that they were jacking my rates for the new year. this is the same policy i've had since my accident and I'm just wondering what happens if I switch. It's been almost 4 years since my accident and I'm in perfect health. How do they handle the pre-existing condition? I'm a c7 and really have only used my insurance for IC supplies and some DME benefits. My current policy covers me and my 4 year old son and is very good for benefits and deductible but they are raising it a lot.
    Thanks for your input.
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    I guess the best thing to do is to get an insurance agent to see if you could get another insurance with your pre-existing SCI. You may find out that nobody will cover your preexisting condition which may mean you are stuck with your current insurance even if they are raising their rates.
    I am in the same boat, my rates rose 25 percent, ouch, for this year. But I am self insured and what can I do? No one would touch me with all my pre existing stuff with a 10 ft pole.
    9000ft - I assume you are self insured, right?
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    Warm days and cold nights. This link will be interesting for you depending on the depth of your weather geekdom.
    Yes I'm self insured. My wife is a nurse and her work policy has been too expensive before so i stayed of it. I'm not sure how they handle the pre-existing either but it might be time to check that out. a big part of my frustration is principal but it seems i might have to suck that up.
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    if u went onto a group plan u would be fine. my ins changes like every 2 years but im under a group plan w/ work. but now im going on my wifes ins, its cheaper because her company is much bigger, still group plan. no preexisting rep
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    If I remember correctly CO does allow a group health plan to pre exist someone for the first 6 months. After that, you would be eligible for all healthcare under that plan. Check with your wife's employer to be safe.

    You would need to know if the employer is a self insured employer or do they have an insurance company who pays for their health claims.

    If their self insured, they do not have to follow state regulations only federal.

    Whatever you decide to do, never allow a lapse in coverage. Many group insurance companies will waive pre existing as long as you never had any lapse in coverage. If you allowed for even one day of no coverage, they will pre exist.

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