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Thread: Tobacco products

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    Dipping and chewing also are high risk activities for the development of oral cancer. If you have seen the results of serious oral/pharangeal cancer, it can be a real incentive to stop dipping and chewing. Click here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by knowthill View Post
    Great smoke out day includes chewing too. Quitting is tough and the one day at a time works too. I have quit today to, well so far anyway. Wish me luck and will power.
    Best of luck to you, I've tried to quit many times unsuccessfully.
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    Is it any worse for you than vicodin, neurontin ..........etc. etc. ?

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    do like I did.... get an an angioplasti done and a stent put in, then I was told that the next heart attack I have I'll have to have a bypass. I quit that day. it scared the shit out of me. by the way I am only 45 now

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    thanks for everyones help! i'm done today! that link SCI-Nurse put up kinda scares me, but theres a link to buy non-tobacco pouches on that site. if i find myself wanting a dip, i'll get some of those pouches.

    i like my teeth, i just didn't realize how much i am/was hurting them.
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    I smoked a pack a day for 15 years post & dipped. Not to smart for a quad. I stopped smoking cold turkey, pretty easy compared to smokeless. I stop for a year or two and always seem to fall off the wagon for a couple of years. Feel totally stupid, and quit yet again. Sadly, I'm back at the dipping yet again point. No need to point out the down side, I know the risks, but addiction sucks. Good luck you in your quest, and here is a good web site set up just for smokeless tobacco users trying to quit. One tip, have plenty of gum on hand....

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