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Thread: Best Compression Socks?

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    Best Compression Socks?

    I'm looking for high quality compression socks that go up to your calf. What do you consider to be the best?

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    You mean only above the ankle? If they are for edema, I think it is recommended that they go a bit higher...

    Jobst makes really good ones - "short" ones go to below the knee and there are thigh-high ones as well. The Jobst "stocking donner" tool also makes it much easier to put them on, once you get the hang of it.

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    I also use Jobst, medium compression. I have some that go yo my knees, I wear them wirh my AFOs. If I'm not going to wear AFO's I wear the ones that go to mid-calf. I find that I've got to replace them every 3-4 months - they lose their compression. Mike
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    I have the "stocking donner"...for sale cheap...during the first few months I don't know what I would have done with out it...getting the stockings on were so son doesn't need to wear them anymore...

    A few months back the doc increased Lyrica and the swelling was such that the nurse who was here said to put the stockings back on...she helped...and her sock did not have his heel in the heel place...when I pointed that out to her she said oh, it'll be wasn't...when I removed the stocking he had one very mean looking took months to heal...the blister never broke, just eventually dried up but I was so angry with her...if it had just been me putting them on I would have started over and got them on right but I felt like she was racing to get it on and she knew more than me so I just let it be...I now know to challenge her even if it pisses her off...another time he had rammed his foot on the desk, hitting it hard enough to completely remove his big toenail...she told me to put peroxide on it a few times a day until it wouldn't fuzz anymore...when I brought to her attention the new studies about peroxide she was not happy that I was challenging her...she just happened to stop by the day after it had happened and we were getting ready to go to his foot doc, so I just said I'd see what the doc said about treating it...doc said he could not have done a better job removing it himself, lol...actualy this is the toe that has an ingrown nail anyway and it had been discussed about removing it because it flaired up so often...would have rather had the doctor do it...sorry I have gotten off post...I have a habit of's an age thing...

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    Thank you for your help guys.

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    Not sure that this is the same kind you need, but Venosan seems to be pretty good.
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    I have a pair of Sigvaris full length (up to just under the knee), 20 mm pressure that were specially made and cost me a bundle. But I can't get them on at all, eve to work with. Has anyone in this situation used those wire donner things, and do they make a difference? I don't wanna go spending any more if it's still not gonna work... - fw

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    Teds do nothing. Juzo isn't strong enough. Are Sigvaris really better? For now, I'm wrapping in coban.
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    firewheels, I have the "sock putter oner", if you private message me your address I'll send it to you and if it works, great...I used it for a few months and it stretches out the stocking up to midway between the heal and knee and from their it isn't too bad getting them on...if it doesn't work maybe you can send it on to someone else who might need it...

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