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Thread: making a career change at 36

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    making a career change at 36

    i have been in banking since graduating from college. its time to move on. the market is horrible, money just isnt the same. basically working way more for less. no complaints still make a good living but need stability now.

    my background is finance and management. im told the job market is horrible.

    im wanting to get into a gov job here in ohio or an analyst position in a larger company.
    my degree is in psychology.....

    thoughts, ideas appreciated. i have only had 3 jobs in 12 years, i never have been a job jumper. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    With you’re background in finances and management maybe you want to look at the Ohio oil and gas industry, which has a long history, or into Ohio health care, which has several flagship hospitals, as I understand. –And both of which directions should not be too greatly affected by the ongoing current worldwide financial problems. Health care one will always need, and new oil and gas fields are under planning and will be set into development in due time.

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    Okay fuente, have you started in the oil business by now? Or do you need to bulk up some proteins first lol

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    I second the healthcare field. I know the hospital I work for and the surronding hospitals are always looking for finance people and they usually pay well. Benefits are good for the most part. We don't typically see layoffs, more like belt tightening. Less OT, hiring freezes, expansion of clinics slow down, etc.

    Good luck in your job hunt!

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    check out the Medicaid side of the OHIO government. They are always looking for Analysyts.

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    THX GUYS.........i had today off. fired off about 25 resumes. hit the big hospitals, state of ohio gov jobs as well as 2 natural gas companies,. im figuring things will be slow until after the holidays.........

    any other ideas. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    nm, just did a repeat.
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    i have to repeat the healthcare suggestion. since you covered the provider side of the equation you may also consider the hc insurance companies. people good with numbers are a never bored in the insurance biz, in many different roles.

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    Would either of these two positions interest you?

    current job postings

    Resident Supervisor: Will work in conjunction with other Resident Supervisors to perform security and operations duties in this community-based facility. Will oversee resident movement, behavior, work crews and provide structure and security. Must be aware of treatment aspects of program and support rehabilitation philosophy. A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university in Criminal Justice, Psychology, Sociology, or a related field preferred.

    Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor: Must possess experience in substance abuse education, intervention and treatment. Criminal justice and community corrections systems experience a plus. Must have the ability to maintain effective working relationship with staff in a team effort. Will conduct group sessions in cognitive behavioral format to address criminogenic needs. A bachelor's degree from an accredited university in criminal justice, psychology, sociology or a related field required. Must be a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor.

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    i hear ya. i'm 28, officially starting grad school next fall, will finish right after i turn 31... so yup, career change time for me too.

    look for something you can see yourself doing (and enjoying) for the next two decades.

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