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Thread: slippery handrims with rain

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    slippery handrims with rain

    Any idea to enhance grip when raining? which handrims or gloves can help? Any trick?



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    Hey Antonio, Great question. Bet we all know how slippery and annoying this can be.

    In wet weather I push partly on the tyres, partly on the rims. Tyres arn't anywhere NEAR as slippery. You may need to carry some handwipes though, as your handy get muddy this way. Hope this helps. Even if it is only when you dont happen to have gloves with you and it starts to rain.


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    Antonio, I live in rainy Seattle, I had to go to a quality glove, as the cheaper ones didn't hold up for a month. I went to Sammons Preston Roylan, they may have been bought, but follow thru and check them out. I like the full thumb w/ 1/2 fingers. My finger tips merely get wet, not very muddy, but w/o the thumb guard it gets nasty.

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    I use Maxx Grepp handrims on my kuschall. Living in Oregon means 7 months of rain each year. They are effective even when wet.

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    i have4 a similar issue with the black push rims getting slippery when cold (aka freeze solid), they lose their signature grippyness.

    i can't think of any idea's for this like ppl posted above, i use the tires.

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    I live in Montreal where there is rain and snow and I have just plain aluminum handrims. If you can grip your handrims then you should go to bike stores and find gloves that have rubber in the fingers or palms. IIf you want more grip than that, then you should buy new Football Recievers Gloves. I was at a Marshalls Clothing Store in the States and I tried on a pair of Nike Recievers Gloves and the grip I got was Amazing!! I didn't buy them because I can grip the handrims hard and I was afraid I might fly out of my chair if I stop too hard with the momentum. I hope it helps.

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    NEOPRENE GLOVES!!! These gloves are awesome! They have a rubber palm with a neoprene (foamy) backhand. They keep my hands fairly warm even when soaking wet and grip the handrims better than your bare hand on a dry rim. I buy mine at Wal-mart (hunting dept) for about $10-15 and they normally last me about 2 winter seasons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skippy13 View Post
    I use Maxx Grepp handrims on my kuschall.
    Never heard of these. Where did you buy them? Do you have any links with pictures?

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    Batting gloves are cheap and work very well. I have plastic coated rims and don't have any problems in the rain.

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    Hands down these gloves have awesome gripping action with handrims. They last me a while also. I'm a Para so I'm constanly out and about in any weather conditions.
    You can get them at major hardware stores. Got mine at The Home Depot.

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