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Thread: Dogger was killed in an accident

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    This is beyond sad. Terrible shame.

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    Peter was one of my dearest friends. His friendship meant a great deal to me. He was always there to listen to me vent my frustrations or to offer a shoulder to cry on. No matter how jaded and angry with the world I was, a chat with him always mellowed me and had me smiling again. We would chat for hours about everything and about nothing at all. We would enjoy "virtual beers" together after he had finished his work for the day. He was so easy going and genuine, a very kind soul who cared deeply for those in his life.

    We were the most unlikely of friends. We never agreed on anything. At all. He would tease me incessantly about being a latte sipping yuppie, while I tried my best to convince him that he needed to shed his strongly held conservative viewpoints and loosen up a bit. This was something that always got a laugh from him. It was good natured banter that he never seemed to tire of.

    We last talked about a week ago. He told me all about his trip to China for a stem cell conference. He had a lot to say about it, his advocacy work meant a great deal to him. But my favorite part of the conversation was when he happily told me about visiting the Great Wall of China. I could hear in his voice what a thrill that had been. He was looking forward to attending another conference in New Zealand in a few weeks. We have all lost an enthusiastic and committed advocate.

    I wrote him an email a few days after we last talked, telling him how much his friendship meant to me. It was not something I could have told him on the phone. I was afraid I would embarass him. I had to write it instead. I don't know that he ever got the chance to read that email. I dearly wish now I had told him when we talked.

    My thoughts are with the Mon-Stars Bill, Harry and Lulu, who Peter loved more than anything in this world. And with his mother and the rest of his family. He was a good man and will be missed by many. Including many friends here who I know are as heartbroken tonight as I am.

    Right now I am feeling an emptiness that I am not sure will ever go away. But some of the pain is lessened knowing that Peter truly loved life and would want everybody to remember him with smiles and laughter, not tears and sorrow. In fact I can hear him in my head saying "Oh bloody hell, quit crying." He was eternally optimistic and when I was thinking about him tonight one of the first things that came to my mind was this song by Slim Dusty.

    Goodbye mate. I love you and will miss you.

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    Oh, no! This is so sad.

    I was fortunate to meet Dogger in person last year while visiting chick when he, lilsister and her brother Jim visited... I was just smiling about that night yesterday. I wish I'd gotten to know him better.

    He was a great guy and I can't imagine the loss his family and close friends are feeling right now.

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    Oh geez.
    Heart goes out to his family.
    The sky is in his shoes tonight..he can fly he can fly.
    We can only believe he is in better hands.
    Oh Dogger.
    Life isn't about getting thru the storm but learning to dance in the rain.

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    I’m sorry to hear that.

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    Just a tragedy . Dogger was a true country gentleman who I had the honour of meeting a couple of years back . He was one of three spinally injured old cowboys who I have met since my accident ,sadly all now deceased ,I can only hope they are all standing around sharing a beer in a better place.
    I would also like to recognize Dogger's tireless commitment to the cure cause despite his geographical isolation, something I feel very humbled by.
    My heart goes out to his family and friends.

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    i am so sorry. although i didn't get a chance to meet him, i knew him thru cc. geez, this has been a year that has taken its toll.

    ty for letting us know.

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    I feel so I can't even contemplate how his children must feel. The only comfort is that he died just as he lived-with strength, fierce independence, and productive to the end.

    He sure loved his kids. He was so very PROUD of them. I don't mean that he was proud of them in some macho way, like "Look what I did!", the way some dads do. He was proud of who they were, and how they behaved. Peter put a lot of stock in proper behavior, manners and such. Those 3 kids were his pride and joy because he felt them to be well-behaved and well as terrific fun! He thought they were stars, and he told me that many times.

    Cheesecake, he loved you so. He didn't always understand you, because you were Other (i.e. female LOL, he never understood a one of us, and didn't mind saying so) but he honored and respected you. He also LIKED you, and Dogger didn't like just everybody.

    Australia has lost a great spinal cord injury cure research advocate. Peter was well-informed and dedicated to the cause. Diplomatic, determined. It is heartbreaking to know he won't live to see a cure he worked so hard for.

    I remember when November was brand new to CareCure. She was young and beautiful, of course. Peter wanted to be sure she'd not be welcomed by a pack of drooling young men, so he was careful to introduce us. He was very thoughtful that way. I felt quite flattered that he thought highly enough of me to entrust me with the duty of showing Nov around.

    Although Peter found women to be inexplicable, he was a gentleman. He treated women with respect, which is rare these days. He and I were occasional co-conspirators, planning moves to promote cure research. I also had the pleasure of serving as a CareCure moderator with him for years. Even if he was frothing with anger, (which happened occasionally, but never without good cause) he was always mannered, measured and proper.

    Does he sound boring? He was never ever THAT! He possessed one of the most clever and incisive senses of humor I've been lucky enough to encounter. And good Lord he was TOUGH. I watched him with awe in DC in '07. It was like Dogger wouldn't ALLOW jet lag to be a problem. It was not invited. I was feeling rough, having flown from Oklahoma LOL. This man had flown-literally-halfway 'round the globe, but not a word of complaint did I hear. He was smart and politically savvy, he just never made a kneejerk decision or behaved rashly.

    I could go on and on. I thought so highly of this man. The world looks more barren, bleak and bland without that sheep farmer at the other end of the globe. If his children someday read this, I hope they can tell that a lady in Oklahoma really, truly thought the world of their Dad.

    Peter, my friend, thanks for every time I needed cheering and you called me a "tidy little package". Thanks beyond measure. RIP.
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    What a shame.
    Too often we are rudely reminded of how fragile and fleeting life can be. The best, like Dogger, make the most of it while it lasts.
    - Richard

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    To new to know him, but sounds like I missed out on one hell of a man. Those ranch guys are right off the cuff.
    May he rest in peace. and I have a heavy heart for all of you who did know him so well. Think of him often .. for he's looking down on you all now.

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