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Thread: Dogger was killed in an accident

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    God be with you

    Rest in peace...

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    I am very sad... Dogger was, is, and will be an example and a source of inspiration for me. A few day ago I was thinking to PM him for the first time to get in touch with him... too late now, may be he can read this post...


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    Dogger, I'll miss you terribly, your sense of humor especially. I hope you're entertaining the Big Man up there with stories like this:

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    Well, wasn't expecting to check the life thread and find this. Even though I haven't checked around here in a while, it is still a special place and not sure how I would have moved forward without it. That especially goes for the people around here and Dogger was one of the unique characters of care cure.

    He always seemed to have an aire of calmness about him and perspective to know what was important. I feel better for being lucky enough to cross his path and for at least getting to meet him for a few minutes in DC 2007.

    Rest in peace my friend.

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    Bruce: Thanks for that link and those reminders. I was on line chatting with Peter when the toilet began to overflow. Never saw anyone disappear so fast, lol. After the potential buyers left, I got the online colorful version.

    I still stand with the position that the journal needs to be put into a book, it was damn funny at times combined with many tears. If we did the book, we have a few to many "In Memory Of".
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Damn-it. Dogger and I used to pm and e-mail. I should have checked sooner; I don't log on often.

    Miss you man . . . .

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    I hate being away from cc and coming back to news like this. I can only nod my head in agreement with what everyone else has already said about a truly wonderful man. And I have to quote lynnifer because she nailed it:

    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    Energy never dies, only transforms. I hope he can fly and not be bound by the defective body our spinal cord limits us to. We are always around and so in that, so is he.
    Death is simply the next step in our journey through life.

    Take care on the other side Dogger, you're free.

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    Wow, kinda shocking. Dogman is one man who makes me smile. Tough old bugger he is.........I am so sorry to hear he is gone but rejoice in his heart and spirit. Lexi

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    My thoughts goes to his kids and hope they find solace in what dogger meant to those of us in the physical world. And cheers with a beer to a man suited to take care of the bigger ranch he's moved to, where the snakes aren't so cocky, the ladies still swoon, the word "Foster's" is never spoken, and there's always a hook to hang his hat on at the end of the day.
    Every day deserves a little time off.

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    I am not positive this link will work, but Dogger's death notice is in the

    The family has printed off all of this thread to allow people to read, they would all like to extend their sincere thanks.

    In lieu of flowers, for those living outside of Australia, a link will be put up for donations to be made to SCI research or care. The family is dedicated to finding a cure.

    For those in Australia, the family said flowers are fine or in lieu of, a link will be put up here as soon as possible.

    Now, stop crying in your beers, get out and make a change. (I blame that last bit on jet lag.)


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