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Thread: Dogger was killed in an accident

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    Exclamation Dogger was killed in an accident

    I received a call this evening letting me know that Dogger was killed in an accident on his property.
    He is surrived by his monStars, LuLu, Harry and Bill--triplets, age 12. He is also survived by his mum, and 2 sisters.

    Dogger was a regular here at CareCure, loved by all. CareCure was his lifeline for many years, allowing him to stay connected with the world from remote outback. He was amazing, running his ranch alone, and for many years raising cattle and sheep. He had a wicked sense of humor, wide shoulder to lean on an an ear always willing to listen. He and I moderated the Life Forum together for more than5 years, the fact that he accepted my request to be a co-moderator showed his misguided faith in me :-)

    He counted many her like family. Stephen Edwards was often referred to as "our little brother". On his last trip to the states, he attended they Working2Walk Symposium, toured and met many friends he met here, mostly ladies as I recall, all of whom he called friends.

    To know Dogger was to love him. His death has left a big void in my hear and an unending flow of tears. Tonight my sons and I shared funny stories. They considered him one of their favorite of my friends.

    We have lost a fierce stem cell advocate, a man of compassion and humor. Most of all I have lost a very dear mate, one who can never be replaced. My heart has a hole in it, and I feel deep sadness.

    In true Dogger form, he had a "plan" that if anything ever happened to him, he wanted his friends state side to be notified. We had designated people to tell.

    I hope to copy this thread on to his children thru his sister. Please leave your favorite stories, messages, photos and any thoughts. CareCure has lost a dear member.

    Love you Dogger, sure hope you knew it. This one is for you mate.
    Love, B~
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    My hat is off to you Dogger. If there is an afterlife, I hope you went to a pleasant place.
    Death and taxes

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    DOGGER, I'll never forget meeting you at working2walk. I'll miss ya terribly. RIP, mate.


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    I never knew him well but we exchanged a few PMs. This made me really sad to read.

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    Too sad. RIP Dogger.

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    Damnit. Life is so short. It's so hard to believe. I've "known" Dogger for such a long time, and looked forward to meeting him one day. I'm sorry I'll never get the chance. To those who did get a chance, you are lucky. I know this must be a hard time, so know that you are in my thoughts.

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    Just terrible news. RIP Dogger..

    Life isn't like a bowl of cherries or peaches. It's more like a jar of jalapenos--What you do today might burn your ass tomorrow.

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    Very sad. One of the first people I chatted with here... RIP.

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    Here are some pics of him, one with his triplets, and the other with Barbara, (Carbar) from the 07 Rally in DC. He was smart and a determined advocate who continued to educate himself about neuroscience and SCI recovery. He lived his hope.

    "Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence." Lin Yutang

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    This is so very Sad, he was the most nice guy you could ever meet. I met him in DC a couple years ago. I am still in a state of shock over this.
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    challenges you're dealt but
    the challenges you seek...If
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    mountains to climb, your
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