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Thread: 'Impossible' dreamer has Oprah in his sights

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    'Impossible' dreamer has Oprah in his sights

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    'Impossible' dreamer has Oprah in his sights


    Disabled DUI victim hand-cycling to Chicago.

    By Bridget Murphy, The Times-Union

    One mile at a time, disabled Navy veteran Don Worley set out Tuesday to finish what he's calling his "Impossible Dream" tour.

    Leaving from Jacksonville's City Hall, the 47-year-old began a hand-cycle journey of more than 1,000 miles to Chicago. Before he left, Worley told well-wishers his journey is about both consequences and possibilities.

    Worley wants teenagers to think twice before they drink and drive, to consider that one mistake by a 17-year-old drunken driver put him in a wheelchair after a 2005 Flagler County crash. Worley also wants disabled people to aim beyond expectations.


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    Looks like he's coming right by me. I'm going to try to meet up and ride a little ways with him.

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