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    baby carrier

    I tried ergo baby today and it was so bulky and huge for a sitting woman. any suggestions for a person in wheelchair ? which brand ?

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    I just used a couple of yards of a sturdy cotton fabric, tied into a loop of the appropriate length. I found all the commercial carriers to be bulky and fiddly to put on.

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    Try a Moby wrap (you can purchase or make yourself):


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    definitely agree with the moby

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    I had 2 babies(2 yrs apart) in '83 and '85. I used a towel rolled into a "tube" over my knees and laid them on my lap w head resting against the towel to keep them in place when they were tiny infants. Did this only at home. At 6-8 months started using a strapped on carrier which faced the baby front on my front. Worked pretty well when wheeling outside of home. I'm sure there are many other options now! I got the face forward carrier bc I worried about them being able breath properly w face pressed against my chest. Both my daughter's survived my experimentations and are now 33 and 31 yo healthy adults!

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    I used a snugli. It was minimal & secure with just a cross cross in the back.
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