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Thread: Waist, not weight, key to long life Putting on the pounds

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    Thanks WLC,

    I do push around the block for about an hour a day or longer. I don't swim because I get too cold in the pool and can't warm up. I've got to find something to do in the winter when the weather is bad.
    I have a hard time deciphering the fine line between boredom and

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    you can try pushing backwards to as it works different muscles.
    you could get some light weights for your wrists and do boxing and various arm lifts too, if fast enough it will get your heart rate up. you can get the ones with velcro. i use heavier ones sometimes to do strengthening and therabands.
    good luck!

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    i use a wist belt like a corset, it hides and prevent quad belly.

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    For the 1st 20yrs or so post C5-6 I had a flat belly. Now after my merry-go-round of years up, others down I now have a quad belly. I've always been thin. I do know I have eaten a more nutritionally sound diet since my downslide. So glad the tunics of the 70's have returned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quad_21 View Post
    i use a wist belt like a corset, it hides and prevent quad belly.

    What is a wist belt?

    I have to do something soon. My 1 yr old granddaughter won't fit on my lap.
    Quad belly to big.

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    I use to have a nice looking body before injury. Well, this gut and butt seems to spread out more and more. I never thought I would ever wear this size pants. gggrrrrr
    When I watch TV I twist in my wc. Arms go one way and wc goes the other way. I can hold on to the table so my legs don't hit nothing and twist real good and feel it in my waist.
    Give it a try. If you are in a manual wc.
    Looks like I'm ready to deliver any time.
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    Great point WLC, those of us with higher breaks, don't have the abdominal muscles to hold that gut in. So I guess we maximize the good eating habits, exercize correctly and wear the gut with ummm "pride". Hate dat gut also.

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