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Thread: Waist, not weight, key to long life Putting on the pounds

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    Drug induced weight gain?

    Something to consider...

    Cleve Clin J Med. 2003 Jul;70(7):614, 616,
    Weight gain caused by antidepressant drugs is a major reason for patient noncompliance with treatment and poor treatment outcome.

    Oxford Journals
    QJM 2007 100(7):395-404;
    Several drugs... used in the treatment of chronic disease, are consistently associated with weight gain as a side effect
    "Let your food be your medicine" - Hippocrates

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    Quote Originally Posted by WLC View Post
    you might want to try the vitaglide cardio machine. see
    you will burn calories and helps tighten waist if you have some muscle there.

    I just got an exercisor that sits on the table and your turn the handles in circles. I can't hold the handles though. Are these gloves for quads w/o grip? Do they help you hold the handles? Thanks! Mona

    Introducing the revolutionary VitaGloves. Fabricated from "VitaTex", a unique new fabric that does not retain moisture and contains holes to allow for air circulation, the VitaGloves are the perfect fit for athletes with limited gripping ability. The VitaGloves feature a unique cupped design to hold the entire hand, especially the thumbs, in place. These gloves are perfect to assist with gripping any item that has a handle.
    The VitaGloves are 100% machine washable, and are available in both large and small sizes. The small size VitaGloves will fit wrists 5.5" - 7.25" and the large gloves will fit wrists 7.25" - 10". VitaGloves are fabricated with a vinyl binding, polypropylene webbing and velcro fastenings.

    Of course that doesn't help my belly. Will this help lose belly fat?

    1 Flex System Belt = $199.992 Flex System Belts = $349.00 (a $50 savings)3 Flex System Belts = $499.99 (a $100 savings)4 Flex System Belts = $649.99 (a $150 savings)

    Will it work for quads?

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    I saw in an old thread where Mr Coffee said he got his abs back by e-stimming. I wonder would it help with the quad belly.
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    yea i kno this women but im a quad to and i only eat twice a day and it seems like i just keep gaining weight and it is killn me i was in size 32 before my sci

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    yes, the gloves that you describe could work for your arm bike. just be careful bc those bikes can cause shoulder injuries after awhile. That happened to me so now I use the Vitaglide. On the Vitaglide, I prefer to use the tri-pin handles so I can be independent and I need someone to put my gloves on.
    If you have any muscles at all in your stomach, the Vitaglide will help to exercise them. If not, it can still help because it can help you lose weight overall.

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    i think your better off using ace bandage if someone can wrap them for you. i just worry you buy the gloves and the gloves not fitting the handles properly. happened to me in a similar situation.
    Many Blessings,

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    i'm also a quad and i know it's very difficult to lose weight but i find when i do lose weight my belly does get smaller and the big arms everyone complains about get smaller and more shapely too. i try to stay consistent with weighing myself so things don't get out of control; when i do need to lose weight i write down everything i eat to keep track of calories. i don't necessarily cut out any food groups. i weigh and measure all my food and portions so i know exactly what i'm taking in. for example i'm 5'3", 114 lbs, 33 years old and fairly active. right now i'm trying to get to target weight of 112 lbs so i'm consuming between 1300 to 1400 calories a day. i've lost 4 lbs thus far so it does work. remember that certain liquids can have alot of calories too.

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    I'm T-6, and have had some success trying to do half-crunches, but lack the muscle control to have it make much difference.

    I've wondered about the stimulating abdominal belts also - anyone have experience with those?

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    that vitaglide looks great but way out of my price range right now. Do you think rigging up some elastic bands might give a similar workout?

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    sorry for the delay. i've been away.
    any exercise would help but would be difficult to duplicate with bands but you could try. you need to do cardio exercise(arm bike, vitaglide, pushing) and weights(weights will speed up your metabolism). can you go swimming at all?

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