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Thread: Swype: Very fast text input devices for touchscreens

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    Swype: Very fast text input devices for touchscreens

    I am always on a lookout for devices that may be better for inputting text for people with spinal cord injury. The following may work better for some people. Called a Swype, it is a program that allows you to run your finger "through" the keyboard, passing them through the keys that are in the word. The computer then looks up the words and comes up with its best guess for you and it is surprisingly accurate.

    The above swipe typed the word "quick".

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    I use a ZoomBoard keyboard on my HTC Mogul that I love. I'm getting a BlackBerry Storm next week and have read about a voice recognition app for text messaging.

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    Interesting if it works as good as it sounds. Nice to see it on a HTC Diamond, which has worked out great for me but the full qwerty is a bit small. This would help tremendously to rid myself of mistrokes if nothing else.

    Mike, have you already got ur bug-infested Storm??
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    I just bought the new Samsung Captivate for AT&T. I'm studying up on the swype option on YouTube and it looks like, with some practice, it may be the ideal solution [short of voice activation] to my problems associated with typing on cell phones. The Captivate has a 4" screen that, when turned into landscape mode, makes the keys big enough for me to slide my index finger around on accurately enough to utilize Swype. I'll keep you posted.

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    The nice thing is that T9(text on nine keys) was designed after studying and developing technologies for people with disabilities and has the same inventor as swype: Cliff Kushler

    i think it is a good moment to mention about dasher(which is free and open source)

    PS: The project pages has more useful information about how disabled ppl can use this application.
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    Posted just to follow this topic

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    It appears that the Android Galaxy S phones will offer Swype.

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