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Thread: self employment

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    self employment

    friends please send u'r ideas about suitable business for tetra patients.

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    Dell tech support?

    okay, that was wrong.

    seriously, what do you enjoy doing?

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    Probally not the best career choice ,but it shows nothing undable!!!!Deputies: Wheelchair-bound man robs bank Most Clicked Stories Latest NewsOriginally posted on: Monday, November 17, 2008 by NBC2 News
    Last updated on: 11/17/2008 11:33:13 AM
    BREVARD COUNTY: A wheelchair-bound man was arrested for allegedly robbing a credit union last Friday.
    The Broward County Sheriff's Office says 45-year-old Christopher Reed, a paraplegic confined to a motorized wheelchair, entered the Space Coast Credit Union on Merritt Island just after 4 p.m.
    He allegedly told the teller he was armed with an explosive device and demanded money.
    Deputies say Reed left the bank after receiving an undisclosed amount of money and was located about 10 minutes later, in front of the offices of Florida Today. The newspaper's office is one block from the bank.
    Reed originally told deputies two unknown suspects had threatened him with a gun and told him to rob the bank. He told deputies just after the robbery he gave the money to the suspects just after he left the bank.
    At the sheriff's office deputies discovered Reed had concealed the money in the sleeve of his prosthetic leg.
    Reed has been charged with robbery, grand theft, threats to plant or use a hoax explosive device and aggravated assault.

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