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Thread: Non Invasive Liver Testing

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    While looking for information on Hep C and liver testing, I found several interesting things which have made it easier for patients in reference to having a biopsy. There were several new non-invasive tests which are being used now. The following one is done at Mayo Clinic.

    This type or mode of testing should make it easier for doctors and patients such as myself. My gastroenterologist, so far has not wanted to do the biopsy due to my clotting problems and low platelet count.


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    sounds great, raven! hopefully you'll improve enough to get this test done if it works out to help you. good luck!
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    Thanks Cali. This is someting which I think is really good since there are so many people who have to face an invasive biopsy. There are risks in having one and I, for one, hate the thought of going through one particularly with my other problems.

    I'm sure that so many people are grateful for this new found technology.


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